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Since March 2020, our community has been experiencing hardships: students studying at home rather than school; businesses furloughing workers; and graduations and other special events cancelling. Malvern Bank has delivered inventive approaches to communicate, innovate, and collaborate to help our rural community survive and thrive. Malvern Bank has been communicating even more by posting additional financial information and resources on social media and our website; conducting financial literacy lessons on Zoom; and connecting with customers by appointment, while social distancing.  Though our communication has changed, we value our employees by embracing flexibility and purchasing “Always Essential” Malvern Bank t-shirts to communicate, “We’re a team.” Malvern Bank listens and offers a sense of security by keeping open-ended communication to its team members and customers.

Malvern Bank has been forced to step out of our comfort zone. We’ve developed strategic ways to conduct business. We work around the clock for small businesses by issuing the Payroll Protection Program, updating our online banking and mobile deposit features as well as using the shift model to ensure the safety of our employees.  Arthur Clarke stated, “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” Malvern Bank continues to attempt the impossible and explore new, innovative business practices.  

Malvern Bank believes one of the operating principles of strengthening community is through collaboration. We think in terms of interdependence. By progressing from the “I” to “We,” our team depends on one another to succeed and move forward to be better than before. Malvern Bank supports local by ordering lunches daily from area restaurants, giving away three May Day Mulholland Grocery $100 gift cards, and posting graduating seniors’ photos on our electronic sign.  Helen Keller stated, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Malvern Bank believes in Mills County working together to flourish.

Even with the difficulties we’re facing, we can still communicate. We can still innovate. We can still collaborate. Think and support local, for that’s community.

Malvern Bank is a community bank whose mission is “to build community by supporting education, innovation, and growth while delivering a banking experience that is both authentic and individualized.”  For more information and financial literacy information check our Facebook page and website: 

By Tina Bakehouse, Chief Creative Officer
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