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Jay's Interest: June 2017

I know there are many readers of my monthly musings who don’t live around Malvern, but I hope everyone has had a chance to witness the tree sculptures that are popping up around Malvern. As you’re aware, I rarely lack for words but I am almost speechless trying to properly describe my appreciation for the talent that it takes to do something like this. Woody Jones is a once-in-a-generation metal working genius and we are so lucky that he agreed to fabricate all of these works-of-art for Malvern. It is my understanding that we have 5 more trees coming, so stay tuned because I think he’s ratcheting up the ‘funky factor’ on a few of them. Downtown Malvern is about to take things up a notch….again!

I have to say, last week my manly rating dropped about 4 points when I had to ask my wife for help with getting the straw into my son’s juice pouch. If anyone else has had any trouble with the Mott’s Apple Juice pouches please let me know because either I’m aging faster than Press Secretary Sean Spicer or the foil hole in those things is way too thick.

How about a big shout out to the East Mills girls track team on their 4th place finish at last month’s state track meet! I have to assume this is the highest finish ever for an East Mills/Nishna Valley/Malvern girls track team at state?? I know both schools had pretty successful track teams back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, so let me know if either school had a higher finishing team in the past. The boys team was also well represented this year, which leads me to one very simple observation: If we’re this good with a track surface made of rock, just think how good we’d be if we had an all-weather track. Uh oh, here comes the soapbox….

I think it’s time for everyone (school board, school administration, coaches and parents) to sit down and come up with a 20/20 facility plan that will allow us to not just keep up with the schools around us, but to separate ourselves from them, both academically and athletically. It would require a bond issue, but nothing like what other schools are spending. There comes a time when you have to ask the question “are we in or are we out??”. I’ve spoken with a lot of people about this, and every single person has said that they’re ready to go. Just remember….Creighton basketball attendance doubled when they moved to a new arena. Just remember….Malvern’s main street was a ghost town until we dressed it up and now there are times when you can’t find a parking spot. The same thing will happen with our school district if we’re willing to spend the money to achieve the WOW factor that is required to compete in today’s world. Because it is a competition for students….and we need to win it. Ok, my soap box is safely stored under my desk again.

And finally…. A termite walks into a bar and asks “is the bar tender here?”


Until next time…..


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