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Well, 2017 could not get here soon enough – we made it! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to see a new calendar arrive since I subscribed to the “Girls of the Big 8 Conference” calendar series back in the early 1980’s. And a quick side note: The Cyclone football team wasn’t the only underrated part of Iowa State University back then.  But I digress. The past year has been off the charts crazy and, unfortunately, I’m not sure 2017 is going to be much different with the exception of….

The name of the bank! Yes, after 125 years, we were finally able to locate the refresh button and have officially renamed the bank “Malvern Bank”. I’ve had tons of people ask me why we did this and if there has been a change in the ownership of the bank. I can assure you that there have been no changes in anything other than the name that is on the marquee and the address for our online banking ( After careful consideration, we felt it was best for us to have the bank’s name be more closely aligned with our online banking product, since the majority of our customers do their banking from the comfort of their homes.  We also felt that for future marketing purposes, it’s just easier to market 2 words versus 5 words. I personally love the new logo because it represents exactly what we are – Malvern’s Bank. And yes, although we cut out the words “Trust” and “Savings”, you can still trust us….and you can still save here!

The holiday season always offers me some time to channel surf and last week I realized there are about 5 movies that I will always click on, especially to watch the last 30 minutes.  So here is my top-5 list of “The best final 30 minutes of any movie made in the last 40 years”:

Hoosiers: When Gene Hackman tells his players “I love you guys”. Gets me every   time.

Shawshank Redemption: The look on the warden’s face when he throws that rock through the poster and realizes that Andy Dufresne has escaped?? Priceless….

Field of Dreams: Obviously, playing catch with your dead father??  Really??  Get me a  tissue….

An Officer and a Gentleman:  Richard Gere waltzing into a factory and carrying Debra Winger away in his   arms…

War Games: Matthew Broderick stops a computer from starting World War III.  Love this   movie!

And finally, as you all know, Malvern has some of the best dining options available in the entire area, but when we do occasionally head to the city for some food, our number one choice has always been China Road in Bellevue. It was my go to place for the best sweet and sour chicken within an hour of Malvern. Unfortunately, China Road closed their doors on December 23rd, so I’m looking for any suggestions on the best sweet and sour chicken around. I have one requirement – it has to be crispy. Feel free to call or email with your suggestions, and if I try your suggested eating establishment and agree with you, you’ll get a $50 gift certificate to that eatery. But there is a silver lining with the closing of China Road – I think there is now room for someone to open up the city’s very first 24-hour Chinese restaurant. And yes, it needs to be called Wok Around the Clock.  You’re welcome.

Until next time, have a wonderful beginning to your 2017!!!  Jay


Jay's Interest: January 2017

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