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Jay to the World: December 2017

Ok, I know what you’re all thinking. This guy is brilliant!! He’s changed the name of his Christmas-themed newsletter to a total rip-off of one of everyone’s favorite Christmas songs so every time his readers sing that particular song during the month of December they will automatically think of him and his bank! What marketing brilliance!! This guy might be the smartest bank president to ever wear the crown of bank president in the history of bank presidents!! Man, we are so lucky to have this young man writing to us every month as we continually hang on to his every word in hopes that he’ll lead us to a better……

What, that’s not what you’re thinking right now?? Whew, that’s good because if you did think any of those things, then I’d really be worried that the leader of the free world’s narcissistic personality was starting to rub off on you. So relax… I’ll never become that person. Although I have to admit that I wish I’d thought of the “Jay to the World” name when I started this newsletter a few years ago! If you like it, let me know…I might just decide to keep it :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I crossed two things off my Thanksgiving bucket list this year: I played golf on Thanksgiving Day and I took part in the craziness of Thanksgiving night (pre-Black Friday) shopping. I honestly expected the shopping part to freak me out because I’ve heard the horror stories, but it really wasn’t that bad. Most people were in a pretty good mood (probably weather related) and the check-out lines moved much faster than I imagined they would. But the best part of Thanksgiving?? Lunch at Classic Café and the carving of the general’s chicken at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Bellevue (Umami). That’s what happens when you put me in charge of the Thanksgiving meal….

The downside to my Thanksgiving Day shopping was standing in line at Target and once again realizing that, for the 53rd straight year, I have once again been passed over for People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man of the Year” award. I really thought I had it this year, but apparently sarcasm isn’t one of the requirements.

Which leads me to my New Year’s Resolution!! After some serious deliberations, I’ve decided to TRY to tone down my sarcastic criticisms of our president. Not because I’ve had customers complain (I have), or because my wife tells me I should really knock it off (she does). No, I should probably ATTEMPT to refrain because his caustic personality is making all of us think it’s ok to act like him and I fall into that category. So while I’m not going to belittle him anymore, I still reserve the right to criticize him when it’s warranted. And at the rate that he’s tweeting, there will be A LOT of warranted criticism in the months (and years) to come.

HOWEVER, all New Year’s Resolutions don’t become law until January 1st so I can still get one last good one in…So enjoy this little song I came up with to the tune of “Joy to the World”….

Jay to the World, the time has come, to stop the Trumpster jokes
It will be hard, the man is nuts
So please never vote for him again, so please never vote for him again
So please ne-e-e-e-ver vote for him again

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Jay

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