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Jay to the World October 2018

Sometimes it’s really hard to sit down and write this newsletter, especially after the hate-filled week we’ve just endured in this country. I get disagreement. I get bickering. I get political digs. But I don’t get hate. I don’t understand where that comes from. We can all hate the Huskers, hate the Hawkeyes, hate the weather, hate the food we just ate…but I do not grasp the overt hate towards others that is prevalent in this country right now. Over political views?? Over religion?? Over the color of our skin?? It’s these differences that make this country so awesome – it’s why we’re better than every other country in the world. Obviously much of the hate is fueled by social media and I really believe it’s up to Facebook and Twitter and other outlets to do a better job of blocking some of the rhetoric that is being spewed out there. Let’s face it – we aren’t born to hate other people. But the constant barrage of hate that is available on TV and the internet can really start to distort the views of some people. I love our freedoms, but the internet is not one of them.

As most of you are reading this (some readers don’t receive their bank statements until the middle of the month), we will be less than a week away from what very well could be the most important mid-term election to ever take place in this country. As we are bombarded with attack ads from both sides, our primary roles as American citizens is to determine what is true, what is sort of true, what is sort of false, and what are outright lies. I feel like I’m pretty good at knowing when I’m being lied to, but it’s obvious from our last election that many people will believe anything they are told or anything they read, especially on social media. But regardless of all of this, November 6th is election day and it’s your duty and my duty to get off our couches and go vote. If you’re sitting there trying to make up excuses why you shouldn’t vote, just remember the 1 million soldiers who have died for this country over the past 200 years. Do it for them.

I recently read about a small town in Colorado that is famous for its clever signs as you enter the town. Some examples include “I call my horse Mayo and sometimes Mayo neighs”, “Police toilet stolen…cops have nothing to go on”, “Research shows that 6 of out 7 dwarves aren’t Happy”, and “The last thing I need is a burial plot”. I really need to step up my game.

Speaking of funny one-liners, here is Beau’s Joke of the Month: “Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants?? In case they get a hole in one”. Well done young man.

Am I the only person that feels really bad when you’re driving along and you run over one of those big furry caterpillars just before they made it all the way across the road?? Or you swerve to miss one but the wind from your vehicle blows the caterpillar back across the road and it has to start all over??

As I mentioned last month, dinner time in the Burdic house is often met with protests, skepticism, and walk-outs. It’s actually come to the point where Beau is now rating what is offered. So it came as no surprise last week that a salad I made for him came back with a “2” rating because, and I quote, “carrots just aren’t my style”.

While watching the confirmation hearings last month, did anybody else flash back to the end of Animal House when we learned that John Belushi’s character went on to become a U.S. Senator?? Just me??

Beau’s joke of the month Part 2: “How do you embarrass a street light?? Catch it in the middle of changing. “

I was recently going through newspaper clippings that my mom has saved over the years and two particular articles stood out. The first, from a December 1973 edition of the Malvern Leader, detailed the kidnapping of my grandma…yes, for all of you readers not from here, my grandma was held for $50,000 ransom when I was in 3rd grade. She was found safe and sound in the trunk of her car and the kidnappers were never caught nor did they get their money. I always tell the joke that later in life I turned this scary event into a song to the melody of “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” but do you really think someone like me would turn a life and death situation like that into comedy?? I mean seriously…

The second article I stumbled onto was the July 4, 1976 Bicentennial edition of the Malvern Leader (all 10 pages of it). Apparently, Malvern had a huge alumni celebration to mark the occasion, therefore the newspaper reprinted several older issues to commemorate major milestones in Malvern education. One such issue was from September 25, 1952 which invited everyone to the grand opening of the brand-new Chantry Elementary school in Malvern that would take place 3 days later. In a related story, that building (and 4 acres located in the heart of our beautiful town) is now available for same price as a 2012 Honda Civic LX.

It looks like it's time for the bank to rent another bus!! The East Mills volleyball team is having another spectacular year and is headed back to Cedar Rapids for the 2nd year in a row. Coach Connie has built a tremendous program that stresses the importance of teamwork and grit. Great job Lady Wolverines!! Good luck at the state tournament!!

And finally, Wal-Mart recently recalled a camping ax because the head can come flying off and cause bodily injury. Really?? Wal-Mart has decided that the most dangerous part of an object that is the weapon of choice in many horror movies is that the head might come flying off?? Nothing about the razor-like blade that gives them pause?? This would be like banning a hand grenade because removing the pin with your teeth could possibly cause you to chip a tooth.
Until Next Time…please vote on November 6th!!

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