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Jay to the World: March 2018

I had a long conversation with a very wise customer of mine a couple days ago. He’s a big-time hunter
(you know how I feel about hunting – it’s not a sport if the other side doesn’t know it’s playing) and he’s a
huge 2nd amendment supporter. But during our conversation he said something that truly hit home with me
and gave me hope that something will eventually change in this country. His point was this: Semi-automatic
weapons, like tanks, are weapons of war. The federal government doesn’t allow civilians to buy used tanks,
so why do they allow us to buy assault weapons. I thought that was a very interesting take on this whole

The cultural shift taking place in this country right now is amazing. First it was the #MeToo movement, and
now students from around the country are standing up and having their voices heard in a way that will
undoubtedly shape the political landscape of this country forever. I’m guessing that there are millions of
18-24 year-olds right now who have never registered to vote, and something tells me that the mid-term
elections this fall could very well be decided by how many of these millennials become engaged in the
political process.

I didn’t watch much of the Olympic games, but I have to admit that is was pretty cool to see that the United
States won the gold medal in curling in the same year that the curling trials were held in Omaha. Now I don’t
claim to know a lot about the sport, but this past weekend I started my kids on their way to the 2026 Olympic
curling team by having them sweep the kitchen. You have to start somewhere.

Our new golf course/bike trail housing subdivision is coming along nicely and we should be ready to start
selling lots by the first of April. The lots will feature city water, city sewer, and CenturyLink fiber. The final
plat was just delivered to me and that means that things will really start moving out there once the ground
thaws. If you’re interested in purchasing a lot or just have questions about the project, don’t hesitate to call
me or stop by the bank.

Did you notice that President Trump recently cancelled a trip to England at almost the exact same time that
KFC announced it was closing hundreds of restaurants there due to a shortage of chickens?? I’m sure it was
just a coincidence.

I read last month that a hunter in Maryland was recently knocked unconscious when a goose that he had just
shot fell from the sky and hit him in the head. I can just hear his hunting partners…Hey Bill, you gotta duck!
No, Steve, it’s a goose! No idiot, duck!! Hey, I know the difference between a duck and goose!! Duck Bill,
duck!! Thwack. Abbott and Costello would be proud.

And finally, one more Steven Wright joke (that I saw at a Village Inn of all places): If toast always lands
butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on the back of a cat and
drop it??

Until Next Time… Jay

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