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Our Team

A Rich History

The Malvern Bank started in 1892, when James M. Strahan and C.B. Christy created their own private bank, called Strahan & Christy. In 1906, Fred Durbin took over as the president, and the bank was renamed to the Malvern Trust and Savings Bank. The bank remained within the Durbin family until 1946, when Fred retired and the bank was sold to Eugene W. Burdic. The Burdic family has maintained ownership of the bank ever since, with Allan Burdic serving as president from 1978-2004 and Jay Burdic since 2004.

Our Team

Jay Burdic
Jay Burdic President / CEO
Amber Greiner
Amber Greiner Loan Processor
Ashley Erickson
Ashley Erickson Teller
Ben Tams
Ben Tams Loan Officer
Brenda Scott
Brenda Scott IT / Risk Management Officer
Chloe Keltner
Chloe Keltner Teller
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert Chief Financial Officer
Christine Ford
Christine Ford Teller / New Accounts
Cindy Bowley
Cindy Bowley Receptionist
Dixie Hansen
Dixie Hansen Loan Processor
Gary Smith
Gary Smith Ag Loan Officer
Kate McGann
Kate McGann EVP / CLO
Kenzie Meggison
Kenzie Meggison Mortgage Loan Processor
Kristin Perkins
Kristin Perkins Head Teller
Megan Roenfeld
Megan Roenfeld Teller
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith Teller / IRA Specialist
Mike Sell
Mike Sell Ag Loan Officer
Mini Walker
Mini Walker Teller
Nicki Poort
Nicki Poort Vice President / Cashier
Sydney Rhamy
Sydney Rhamy Credit Analyst
Tina Bakehouse
Tina Bakehouse Chief Creative Officer
Todd Lehan
Todd Lehan Sr. Commercial Lender
Tricia Gilbert
Tricia Gilbert Teller / New Accounts

PT High School Tellers:

  • Trevor Glockel
  • Emma Seipold

Board of Directors

  • Jay Burdic, Chairman
  • Jessica Burdic
  • Roger Johnson
  • Kate McGann
  • John Phelps
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